All Things Teaching

Course facilitation is both an honor and pleasure. I have included below a partial listing of the courses I have taught (or been the TA for) at Loyola University Chicago, Lewis University, and--prior to my graduate work--at the Universidad Técnica de Machala (through the WorldTeach program).

At the bottom of the page, I have included both a teaching philosophy and a statement on teaching.

Courses as Instructor/Facilitator

THEO100 - Introduction to Christian Theology
Introductory course in Christian Theology in the Department of Theology at Loyola University Chicago
          (35 students)

THEO185 - Introduction to Christian Ethics
Introductory course in Christian ethics in the Department of Theology at Loyola University Chicago
(35 students)

THEO190 - Loyola's Mission (Ignatian Traditions)
Introductory course for transfer students to the mission and identity of Loyola University Chicago
(40 students)

THEO192 - Moral Problems: Church, State, Religion, Society
           Introductory ethics course in the Department                of Theology at Loyola University Chicago
(40 students)

THEO10000 - The Search for Faith
            On-line, introductory course on the concept of
            religious faith for the Department of Theology
            at Lewis University
            (15 students)

THEO10600 - Introduction to Christian Theology
Introductory course in Christian theology in the Department of Theology at Lewis University for (25 students)

Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Level English Courses (Instituto de Idiomas, Universidad Técnica de Machala)
I taught three courses a semester, for two semesters, at the Language Institute in the Technical Univeristy of Machala in Ecuador. Courses averaged between 40-60 students, from 18 years old (in the beginner classes) to adults (in the more advanced classes).

Courses as Teaching Assistant

THEO265 - Sacramental Theology
(TA for Dr. Mark Bosco, S.J.)
Introductory course in Sacramental Theology in the Department of Theology at Loyola University Chicago. As TA, my responsibilities included evaluations of student work, course prep, and class facilitation.
(15-30 students ~ TA for three semesters)

ENGL383 - Theology & Literature
(TA for Dr. Mark Bosco, S.J.)
Upper-level English Literature course cross listed with upper-level Theology. As TA, my responsibilities included evaluations of student work, course prep, and class facilitation.
(30 students)